Services and Products


Fisher Consulting Group (FCG) strives to support organizational culture development and achievement of your desired business performance targets.  We do this by incorporating the following, as needed:

  • CORPORATE DIRECTION SETTING - Including vision, mission, values, and strategy development.
  • EXECUTIVE TEAM ALIGNMENT - To ensure the top team is on the same page.
  • EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT - To ensure the top leaders are prepared to take the culture where it needs to go.
  • DEPARTMENT/TEAM ALIGNMENT - To ensure that lower levels have "line of sight" to company goals and strategies.
  • BOARD DEVELOPMENT USING THE CARVER GOVERNANCE MODEL - To ensure that Board Members align to new standards of Board performance and discover how to better play their role in leading the organization forward.
  • MAKING "CHANGE" REAL - Bringing new corporate initiatives, whether a new technology; a new structure; a new strategy; or a new process, "to life" at multiple levels of the organization.


FCG works to build skills at all levels in support of culture development and change. To do this, we employ the use of the following tools:

  • MULTI-LEVEL LEADERSHIP TRAINING - Creating leaders at all levels.  This is premised heavily in self-leadership, accountability, choice, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
  • BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Part Two - This high energy and applied leadership program builds directly off of FCG's Multi-Level Leadership Training.  Detailed program description including content options can be downloaded and viewed here.
  • ACADEMY FOR SUPERVISORY & MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT - This multi-phased supervisory/management skill development process targets individuals at all levels of management in a seven-month intensive program.  Detailed program description including general outcomes can be downloaded and viewed here.
  • SUPERVISORY BASIC SKILLS TRAINING - Helping the "never-ever" or newly promoted supervisor develop skills in the areas of performance appraisals, interviewing, success in planning, hiring, goal-setting, decision-making, and giving feedback.
  • COACHING SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - Teaching managers how to move from simple "managing" performance to truly "coaching" for performance.
  • CUSTOMER RESPONSIVENESS TRAINING - Moving past customer "reactivity" to true customer satisfaction.
  • DEALING WITH DIFFICULT BEHAVIORS AND EMOTIONS IN THE WORKPLACE - Helping leaders at all levels to more effectively handle confrontations, conflict and other difficult interpersonal issues.
  • DECISION-MAKING SKILLS TRAINING - Developing individuals at all levels as better decision-makers, providing a wide range of decision-making tools and problem-solving strategies.
  • EMPOWERMENT TRAINING - Dealing directly with one of the most misunderstood concepts in business today and helping companies tap greater potential and contributions at all levels.
  • INETERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAINING - Helping individuals at all levels better communicate, no matter what their starting point.
  • PRESENTATION SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - Helping leaders prompt interest, engagement, and action from their presentations to internal and external audiences.
  • TEAM SKILLS TRAINING - Helping individuals at all levels understand the fundamentals of creating high performance teams.